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Piano Classes

Learn How To Play Piano. All levels welcome!

For More Information. contact Mrs. Carrie Cain at or 317-773-4680 Ext. 12243

Beginning Piano


Are you wanting to learn to play an instrument? Sign-up to take Beginning Piano! It’s a fun, easy way to earn your Fine Arts credit and fulfill graduation requirements. No prior music experience is necessary. You will learn how to read music and the foundational skills for piano playing. This introductory course is for students who want to start their journey playing the piano or want to try out a new instrument. Anyone can enroll in this course. 

Intermediate Piano

Are you ready to take your piano playing to the next level? Intermediate Piano is perfect for students with some previous piano training or experience. You will expand your piano skills with more difficult repertoire and piano techniques. Some basic music reading and piano playing techniques are required. Email Mrs. Cain if you are interested in testing into this level of piano.

Advanced Piano

Have you been playing piano for a while? Do you take private lessons? Are you wondering how you can use your piano skills in the real world - whether through a career or as a hobby? Advanced Piano is a specially designed course to explore new ways to use your piano skills. Learn how to become an accompanist and maybe make some money. Learn how to improvise and play piano without sheet music. Learn how to start composing your own original piano music. Compete in performance competitions and participate in other performance opportunities. This course is a fresh spin on piano lessons that will challenge you and help you find renewed enjoyment in piano playing. Email Mrs. Cain if you are interested in testing into this upper level of piano.


“Piano music is pretty and you can show off to all your friends.” - Dacien Larrimore 


“You can make your Grandma cry tears of joy at Thanksgiving.” - Addison Coolman